Angie & Anthony


I managed to photograph one of the most eventful and enjoyable weddings ever! After severe rain battered the country, the river Slaney, in Enniscorthy,Wexford, burst its banks and flooded the hotel where the wedding was due to take place! All plans had to be changed to another hotel (during the ceremony!!), in another town, due to power cuts! Logistically a nightmare, with most guests booked in to stay in the original hotel!
However, even among all these massive changes on their big day, a day that people plan for years down to the finest detail, Angie and Anthony just took it all in their stride! The support from such close family and friends all pulling together made the day! It made the party! To the bride and groom, come hell or high water (and there was PLENTY of high water), after getting through such an eventful day on such a special day, nothing will stop you in the future!  Together, they have everything! It was a pleasure to be part of your day!


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